Our Story

Healthy snacking is a challenge. Our overscheduled, free-spirited lives demand more choice than what's out there.

Dry and boring or fresh and perishable doesn’t cut it.

We all love chickpeas and hummus and wonder why chickpea snacks are dry and make you thirsty or and why yummy hummus snacks need to be consumed ASAP or they go bad — real fast.

Enter Chickease. It's a revelation grab and go healthy snack sensation.

Chickease products are plant-based pick-you-up on-the-go, go-to, with no refrigeration, no preservatives, and no worries!

Delicious, intensely flavorful, you’ll get hooked on the taste and convenience of snacking on your own terms virtually hands free.

So throw ‘em in your tote, fanny pack, backpack, designer bag or eat ‘em when on the bus or behind the wheel and even on the top of your favorite mountain — you’ll snack fresh and healthy anywhere, on your own terms. Chickease. Yes, Please.


Our lifestyles are always in motion, and there is a demand for healthy, nutritious foods in places we can’t always find them.

We exist to create fresh-packed, intensely flavorful grab-and-go snacks that are easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere—no refrigeration required.